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120 Word Drabble, Azula/Zuko focused, G rated, blah-blah, just read the damn thing already.
Please give me any criticism you can think of, be it constructive or not. I've got thick skin, I can take it.

Princess Azula, bowing like a peasant, stood over the sharp steel bowl full of water. The liquid seemed to cast a faint glow upwards, no doubt reflecting the fire in the room around her. Azula's thoughts were far away as she meticulously broke the surface with her fingertips and brought them back up to her face. She had done this so many times before that any actual consciousness of the deed seemed to have disappeared. A droplet freed itself from between her palms and slipped back into the bowl, louder than it should have been. Golden eyes narrowed as the ripples ceased, brows furrowed in a pensive expression.

"Princess," she heard behind her, "it is time." With a simple nod the voice left her, only the sound of footsteps and a familiar warm glow left behind. Azula flipped her head up, brushing back any stray hairs.

"Zuzu," she thought, letting weakness slip in through the weary cracks in her mind, as an old photograph of her and her brother caught her gaze. She allowed herself one quick moment of nostalgia before she threw it to the floor, smashing the glass into a dozen pieces. Kicking a bit of the debris, she turned for the door and ventured out to see her brother handed his fate.

First try at this, be warned and keep in mind it is 2.3oAM!... :\

ETA: I should probably add a bit of where my mind was headed when I wrote this drivel, eh? So, anyway I have this idea for a Zucest fic, though I've never written fic before in my life. You're seeing my problem? I decided to try out drabble writing until I am comfortable and happy with whatever I can come up with, because I don't want my little Zucest fic to be a flop.

Anyway, basic premise of this 'scene' (I guess?) is that when Azula and Zuko were very little they clung to each other a lot and held hands, such things little children do without thinking it's odd. Anyway, once it was discovered that Azula was a firebending prodigy and everyone is like, "OMFG! ZULA, I LOVE YOU AND ONLY YOU," Zuko starts shoving her away and she begins to resent this treatment, though still missing the connection they once had. No, Azula is not fluffy in the slightest, even if it seems that way. She's just a helluvalot more innocent when she was very small and her brain hda not fully developed. :| Moving on, when Zuko's eight his father tells him he pretty much hates him and sees him as a failure of the species. Azula has a way with daddy though, and before this happens she usually gets him to go pretty easy on big bro. After all, it's not his fault she was born lucky.

Yadda yadda, etcetera etcetera, she randomly kisses Zuko not long after big ol' Ozai crushes the boy's little firey dreams, and blah blah someone sees it and weirds out. Zuko freaks and starts really being a pissant to Azula, which is the real turning point for lil' sis to get her head all fucked and become SUPERBITCH. Anyway, years go by and Azula has turned their father even more against him, which is when Iroh takes a special liking to his nephew (like he hadn't already, but whatever). Dundundundun, yeah, so...jump to Zuko going into the war chamber and speaking out of turn, this cracks Azula's shit up, yay revenge on brother (well, once the Agni Kai is announced) and such. Azula still has a little 'ping' in her heart for her brother though, but this scene, the breaking photograph (which I should've added is of them as little kids hugging or some other fluffy-type action), is what makes that sizzle out almost to the point of no-return. This is why when daddy Ozai is all up in Zuko's shit Azula is grinning maliciously. THERE< OMGWTFBBQ, help me write better? D:
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