svim'mel-het (svimmelhet) wrote in firenation,

Azula could kick your ass, even when she's tiny.

Oh Em Gee. Mini!Azula? SO FUCKING CUTE.

Okay, so I think I love Azula even more now. Zuko was fairly cute when he was younger, pre-facemutilation that is. His whole thing with the Earth Kingdom family? Umm, yeah Zuko..just join up with Aang already. You're such a pussy, but at least you still have some pride in who you are, even if it is a bit disillusioned. Pfft, silly boy. Iroh was always pretty cool, but now he needs more love than ever. Of course, we already knew his son died, but we didn't know he'd given up on the seige of Ba Sing Se because of it, though it's very logical if you've ever given it a thought before this episode. Anyway, I wonder how he's doing now that him and Zuko aren't traveling together anymore. Hopefully, he hasn't eaten any more of those 'delectable tea or deadly poison' things. XD

What happened to Zuko's mother? Speaking of Zuko, there's a kid on the television that looks like him, including the weird eye thing and the short hair. Except, this kid's in a coma... Anyway! Some people are speculating about Zuko's mother killing Azulon. That seems a little fishy to me, anyone else have thoughts on this? Anyone have thoughts on where in the bloody hell his mother took off to? For some reason, I was wishing she'd be executed while watching the episode. So cute when Azula was like, "Dad's going to kill you." ♥! Ok, I have so much more to say, but I really need to do some OMFGLASTMINUTEWHAT school work, so... Feel free to comment with your opinions!!

Ok, wait wait... Mini!Mai + Mini!Zuko = OTP. Fo' realz, y'all. And and..Azula can't do a cartwheel. XD ♥
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