svim'mel-het (svimmelhet) wrote in firenation,

City of Walls and Such Commentary

I thought the episode was lacking, incredibly. The only thing I really liked about it was the reaction the fans are having to the Earth Kingdom now. I mean, people are starting to realise that it's not all black and white in Avatar world and that there are an infinite amount of shades of grey floating within each nation's boundaries. Yes, the Fire Nation turned all domineering and decided to take over the world. Supposed peace before this, but there's never any real peace, so I assume there were always little problems between each of the nations. Earth Kingdom is now all 1984 (even though it was actually hinted at earlier), and are basically a big plopping reminder of the Soviet Union as far as actions and such go. The Northern Water Tribe had gender issues, and the Air nomads were all monks who got themselves killed. Fantastic, I say!

Avatar is more complex than your average 'Nick show', which reminds me of a similar parallel of how Harry Potter is more complex than your average 'kid's book'. The creators deserve great applause for this, because they've given this world, war, and their entire creation depth and actual integrity. It's a nice change of pace from most of what is on television, anyway.

All in all though, the only things I really considered note-worthy in the actual episode were Toph & Katara dolled up (Toph is so gorgeous when she wants to be) and that military guy they were talking to (the one where Toph screamed about the King being a puppet). I like that man, not sure why.
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