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Tales of Ba Sing Se

Lu Ten was gorgeous and that entire part with Iroh singing and wishing his deceased son a happy birthday just brought tears to my eyes. I'm glad they mention Mako, really. It was just fantastic. Also, even though it's just a general song about a soldier boy...that song Iroh sang kind of broke my heart too. I've got s soft spot for soliders, especially the ones in my family that we've lost. :\

Moppa truly exists!! As does Momo/Pygmy Pumas = OTP. ;D

Toph wasn't that bad in makeup. Katara, on the other hand, looked like a painted up whore. Wow, seriously. She looked hideous in the last episode with makeup on as well, but this was just way over the top and made me seriously question if Katara's future isn't with helping the Avatar, but in becoming an inspiration to all the Avatar-world's trannies. XP Toph is a wee cuddle-bunny though...a nice coat of earth? Toph...just, yeah. XP

I want to visit the zoo Aang made! :O

Sokka is a pimp with comic relief character issues. The poetry girls were too cute though.

Jinko? Blah. He pulled away because he's too scared to get comfortable in Ba Sing Se. He's a fugitive and in a city whose people would turn violently against him if they found out his true identity. Also? He's lost everything once before, I don't think he'd be too keen on getting attached to new people, a new place, and establishing Ba Sing Creepy Fucking Se as his new home just to lose it all again. Jin's okay though, I don't have a real opinion on her either way. OH! And how in the hell did I forget to mention this?! Zuko was a fucking TARD for firebending. Seriously? Biggest fucking retarded-wangsty-emo-gottaimpressthegirl act ever.

Oh, and even though this was a filler ep, it was actually way better than the last episode, so I'm okay with that.
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