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OMFG, Appa's Lost Days

jdaoifjhr klahfkla!!! I really liked this episode. I think I just lost a little bit of respect for Azula though. I mean, she obviously knows how important Appa is to Aang and trying to capture the damned beast? Come on, Azula! You want the Avatar too? Get his bison, you'll get him. Suki & Kyoshi Warriors/Azula, Ty Lee, & Mai = awesome. I hope Suki's really hurt and that Sokka finds out. What? I want a more interesting plot there than just a one episode fight!

Appa being all hurt, lost, and confused made my eyes swell a bit. I love Appa and really want an Appa plushie now. I was cheering during commercial break and hoping that Azula'd be smart enough to try an capture him, but no dice there. I think there were too many puns, clichés, and just generally bad phrases in that entire Kyoshi Warrior/ATM fight. Yes, they're an ATM because they give me money and I hate 'Ozai's Angels/Devils'.

Baby flying bison! Baby flying bison teething ring! At first I thought Appa was a daddy and I was all, "BZUH?" No, Cas, this is not a soap opera. I am not sure how I feel about Iroh hiding Appa's sighting from Zuko. Zuko already has enough wangst, Iroh probably figured he didn't need any more. That or he's just fucking fed up with his nephew being a royal (pun intended) ass and chasing the Avatar the world over with zero success. I'd be sick of it too, man.

Is it bad that I kept thinking during this whole episode, "Oh! That'd make a great icon! That'd make a great animated icon - wish I was better at those! Etc." :P Clearly, I need to get my PS skizillz up to par with my addiction.

Lesseee, did I forget to mention anything worthwhile? Guru guy! I have no real opinion on him yet, but I think I may like him. I wonder if Long Feng is going to ever let Aang see that message he attached to Appa though. Probably not. I really like Long Feng & the Dai Li. :> I hope they turned Jet's brainses to mush... I think I got everything now. :) I can't wait to watch this episode again.
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