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Umm, I finally watched the episode? Haha.

These are not in any particular order, as I'm over half-way through with watching the episode for the second time and just now reading the official discussion post over at avatar_fans, albeit reading from last comment to first. XD

HOW THE FUCK DID IROH GET IN THERE? Speaking of, how the hell did Zuko? Without earthbending no less... Good to see Iroh's still got a lot of his military training in him and he's not lost it all for tea and Pai Sho. But still?!

The only time I've ever liked Jet..
Image Hosted by
HE'S DRESSED LIKE THE FIRENATION! He is wearing clothes that look like all the other Fire Nation peoples, especially those living in the Earth Kingdom. Whiskey tango foxtrot??! :O Gives him depth or something, and it's like Sirius in Harry Potter. I only like you right before they kill you. :> Yey for death in Avatar, hopefully anyway. If there's a miraculous recovery and he appears again, I'll have to be killing some people myself. Also, anyone else find it weird that what's-his-face from the Rough Rhinos gang was the one who burneded down Jet's whatever (village/home/??)...?

Finally the Blue Spirit is gone. Fucking hell, I hated it. I love Iroh yelling at Zuko there with Appa. Like, it's something he's basically always doing, but I love with Iroh reminds Zuko that, "HEY, IDIOT! I care about you and you have to think instead of being like an ass and just doing things without thinking. This is why you're so emo, you do this to yourself. STOP!"

The Joo Dee's crack me up. I want one as a talking plush doll. :>

Longshot's voice? Blah, whatever.

I *love* Sokka's Appa poster practice. XD And Toph's ability to put up the posters. Well, not Sokka's posters, but she could've been in charge of putting those up. No one would've seen them anyway.

Toph, breaking rules =\= breaking the house.

WTF is Joo Dee's brainwashing signal her to do? It caused Jet to fight like a mother-fucker, but is hers just to "wait for orders"? :( Very disappointing. So much could've been done with this.

I love Zuko's hair. He's fluffy!! :>>

APPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. I a happy Appa's back. Momo has his BFF back now, all is good.

Where are they flying now? Out of Ba Sing Se? To the Fire Nation?


Katara going psycho on Jet? Only time I think I've ever liked her. Go psycho more, it's amusing.

I like brainwashed!Jet. Sort of. About as much as psycho!Katara, but still.

When are we going to be seeing some more Azula, damnit? Just saying...

I think that's it. :> I liked this episode, and I'm glad I waited a week to watch it, otherwise I'd go insane waiting until November 17th.

I wonder if Toph can be fooled by sociopaths? >:)

OH. And the brainwashing conclusion? WAY too fast. D: Disappointing there too.
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