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Crack ramblings about the season finale. Clearly, there be spoilers here!

Dumb Zuko FTW?! 8D Can I rape Azula now, plz? She was just amazing here and yes, Kyoshi!Azula does show off her feminine qualities a bit more. Ahem, it's hot, STFU.

Katara is a slutbag who want to comfort any guy she can get her hands on, period. Plus, you have no idea how happy I am that Zutara was not confirmed! I will stop watching if it is! I jest, but really, it's the only ship that makes my stomach spit up food. Seriously, my stomach and food? They're like the perfect OTP, and Zutara just ruins it all.

Zucest just became hot again. Yey! I never focus on ships, why am I now? Prolly because that episode was just kijasdhaisduiashdki! Yeah, decipher that why don't you...

Long Feng Azula would equal a hot one night stand fic. Anyone want to write that for me? I need to try my hand at fic, but smutfic isn't the best thing to try first. D: Too bad, for there is so much fuel there!!!

AZULA~~~!!! How I love thee. You'd make me lesbian (and a pedo..oops)! D:

Toph being best earthebender in the world? No. Toph is turning into a Mary Sue now? For shame!! At least she has some basis to go off of, unlike Katara's magical mastering of water and being able to hold Aang AND BEND WITH ONE ARM all of the sudden. Fuck, I hate her.

Toph/Sokka is way cute on Appa. I think Katara & Sokka's dad is hot..

Zuko is such an easy pawn for Azula to play with. I can just imagine all of the other stuff she'd have done to him as a child that Zuko Alone never let us see. That Nickelodeon would never let us see... Ahhh, I need to master ficbending! Okay, that was lame...

Aang & Sokka's quick approval of Iroh? I didn't much like that..

Guru is my homie.

Aang clearing his chakras so fast? Me no likey that much either. Wahhhh. D: Should've been harder, damnit.

Azula & Zuko fighting together, even though everyone and their mother knows that she will betray him? HOT STUFF. 8D I love me some firebenders and I finally got to cheer for the Dai Li without seeming too heartless. Much yaying going on there! I sound like a retarded twelve year old in this post. OH WELL, that was an awesome episode and I don't much give two shits, let alone one.

Umm, so much to comment on my brain is beginning to fry and freeze up (oxymorons FTW?). I will have to continue this when I can rewatch the episode and pause it to make more comments. Forgetting something is not acceptable! Plus, it's not like there'll be a new episode anytime soon. When's the new season start??! D: I love M&B for this finale. It pwns all kinds of ass and tits and basically any other body parts you can think of. 8DDD Yay.

I'm done being weird now. I'll just go sit in the corner and replay the episodes in my head as I smile like Joo Dee.

But first! Inspired by here:

PS. Be warned, there may be typos galore in that jumbled mess up thar! ^^ And there's an icon too, so go have a look-see.
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