svim'mel-het (svimmelhet) wrote in firenation,

SotFN Thoughts (AKA Why SotFN Sucked Zhao's Water-Submerged Cock)

Can we say cheesefest for The Serpent's Pass? Toph/Sokka, Suki/Sokka, Aang crying and blabbering on about hope, "Hope" the new baby, Katara's "You need a hug" bull, the list goes on and on. Incredibly disappointing, but I am glad to see Suki wasn't a one episode character. I liked her, but I'm not so sure anymore.

The Drill? Tedious and overdone. The guy assuring Azula that the drill will make it and nothing can hurt it? Annoying. Guy on the wall? Annoying. Ty Lee in the muck? Should've been dead. Sokka being pinpointed out as the "plan guy"? Too much of a fanon note in that. Iroh heating the tea? STUPID. As I said with The Serpent's Pass, I could go on and on.

The Secret of the Fire Nation was a drill that came out of nowhere and was stopped in one episode? This 'movie' we've been waiting on for how long was this?! I am incredibly disappointed and hope that the rest of the newer episodes don't fall as flat as these did. There were some good points, but overall I think these weren't worth waiting for.

On a side note, anyone notice that the Avatar animators seem to not be able to draw hands very well 90% of the time? It's bugging me more and more now, especially when they have Azula bending. There's one screencap I was looking at last night were her hands were funktacular and her fingers were literally triangular! If I can find it again I'll post it, it's hideous.
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